Take away and delivery

The Steakhouse:
Main Meals:
T-Bone (450 gr.)
Rib eye (350 gr.) 
Jack Daniels Steak (300 gr)  
Bife de Chorizo - Sirloin strip steak (400 gr.)   
Hamburger (200 gr.)  
Cheeseburger (200 gr.)
Llama steak (270 gr.)  
Skewred chicken.  
Spareribs (450 gr.)

All our meals are served with French fries, apple sauce and salad.

Appetizers and side-orders:
Chorizo 2 pieces with bread and salad
Blood sausage 2 pieces with apple sauce
Buffalo wings with BBQ-wine sauce
Spicy grilled corn-on-the-cob
Grilled potato with boursin
Jack Daniels sauce
BBQ-Wine sauce
Pepper sauce
Garlic sauce

You can call us from 15.00 till 23.00 to order at 


 Tel.: 2310750


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La Cueva
Taco's carne or pollo
Taco's veg
Burritos carne or pollo
Burritos vegeterian
Chili con carne
Chili sin Carne
Tortilla Espanol

All our meals are served with nachos and two sauces.

You can call us from 15.00 till 23.00 to order


Tel.: 2314523


We will charge the taxi



Sol y Luna:
Main Meals:
Hutspot (dutch)
Roti (Surinam)
Pollo al Pesto ( Italia)
Nasi Sate (Indonesia)
Stroganov (Rusia)
Gado Gado (Indonesia)
Risotto al Funghi (Italia)
Fettucini Alfredo (Italia)
Snacks and Sandwiches:
Croquette with bread
Dutch meatball with mayonnaise and bread
Pita Shoarma

You can call us from 10.00 till 23.00 to order


Tel.: 2115323


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Olivers Travels
Main courses:
Banger & Mash
Fish & Chips
Roast Chicken Dinner
Chicken Cordon Blue

With every meal you can choose between mash or chips

Sandwiches, Sides and Snacks:
Beef & Mustard Sandwich
Chicken & Guacamole Sandwich
Tuna Salad Sandwich
Avocado & Veg Sandwich
Large Chips
Onion Gravy
Cauliflour Cheese
Mash & Veg

You can call us from 10:00 till 23.00 to order

Tel.: 2311574


We will charge the taxi


Tierra Sana

Number of pax

   One     two

Waldorf Salad (America)

Quinoa Salad (Bolivia)
Chickpea Salad (Griego)
Fromachelli brie cheese
Stuffed Causa (Peru)
Stuffed eggplant
Moroccan style lentil soup (Morocco)
Brazilian style peanut soup (Brazil)
Gazpacho (Spain)
Sandwiches (white or brown bread)
Salad sandwiches
Egg salad sandwich
Cucumber salad sandwich
Carrot salad sandwich
Avocado salad sandwich
Mixed salad sandwich
Cheese sandwiches 
Tierra Sana sandwich
Mature edan cheese sandwich
Booursin cheese sandwich
Mixed cheese sandwich
Punpkin quiche
Broccoli, leek and roquefort quiche
Eggplant, tomato and parmesan quiche
Main dishes
African stew (Cameroon)
Ratatouille (France)
Moroccan couscous (Morocco)
Sri Lanka Curry (Sri Lanka)
Oriental Wok (Thailand)
Burguer of the house
Stuffed bananas (Colombia)
Apple pie with ice cream
Fruit salad
Crepes Suzette


Usted puede llamarnos desde las 10:00 hasta 23:00 para pedir su orden.

Teléfono: 2120101