address: Calle Tarija 213 Casi Esq. Calle Murillo
telephone: +591-2-2120101

Tierra Sana

Vegetarian Restaurant



Vegetarian Retaurant


The name Tierra Sana means healthy ground, we called the restaurant like this to show that we are 100 % vegetarian.

The idea of our menu is to have vegetarian food from all over the world.


Why Tierra Sana?

ambiente03 The aim of Tierra Sana is to be able to offer our clients, 100% natural products, coming direct from growing fields in Bolivia, Food, cereals, fruits, and natural spices.

Products 100 % organic and cultivated by our own agronomists, with a touch of Tierra Sana.






The ambience of Tierra Sana was design for a comfortable, warm and welcoming visit.

As you can see, from inside it's surrounded by natural plants, with a waterfall that gives a natural feeling to our customers.

Warm colors and an exhibition of paintings, bright colors are used to go according with the colors of our vegetables grains and fruits, with a kind of soothing music, according to the place.

Peace of mind while tasting any of our dishes selected by you.

Tierra Sana gives you an option to buy any of the paintings that you can see inside.

For more information don't hesitate to ask to one of our staff, will be most welcome.



What has Tierra Sana to offer?


ambiente04 From Monday to Sunday .

From 12:00 pm till 14:00 pm

you can enjoy a special lunch, original, varied, with a range of cereals dried fruits, vegetables, and spices richly flavored.

A starter, a soup of the day, with slices of bread, a main dish, and dessert mixed with a variety freshest fruit depending the season. And a touch and imagination from our chef.

Juices. - You can taste the freshest juices, made instantly, according to the fruit season



International Vegetarian Meals - Our menu offers a variety of soups, Starters, desserts, sandwiches, salads and juices which are especially prepared for you as our customer, who likes the challenge of a 100% vegetarian restaurant.

We are waiting for you to come and visit us .......

Hot Drinks

Tierra Sana offers variety of hot drinks, fresh organic coffees, local and international teas.

Additionally we offer the following services


  • Good Music Selection
  • WiFi Zone
  • Take -away
  • Free delivery

Soon we will be serving a special Breakfast we would like to welcome you.

For more information visit our facebook.com/tierrasanalapaz .