address: Calle Tarija 243B
telephone: +591-2-2148864
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The Steakhouse

A very rare Steakhouse well done

The Steakhouse is founded on the 18th of October 2009 in La Paz. We decided to open a steakhouse because it was hard to find a place to eat good meat in La Paz. Almost every place you went too, they didn't ask how you wanted your meat for example rare, medium or well done. Our main issue was that when you ordered a steak it was so thin and all the juices were smashed out.  Over here in Bolivia they say we can't eat meat when you still can see the blood. We personally prefer to say instead of blood juices.


Our restaurant is built on the idea of American style with our personal ideas. The walls of The Steakhouse are made of river stones also you will find a lot of wood inside. We used old antique stuff, horse equipment and an old piano (unfortunately we can't use it) for the decoration.

People who came in The Steakhouse were happily surprised about the ambiance.

Besides serving meat and vegetarian food from the grill we also have the largest range of wine about 160 flavors.  We also thought what else is perfect with a good steak and of course that's whisky about 60 different ones and you can imagine there is no other place in La Paz with that many whiskeys.

Our idea is with a good steak you also need a good wine or whisky. Further down you will find our wine and whisky menu.

Where are we?

Hunting for meat in La Paz?

The steakhouse will give you the opportunity. Grilled meat in every size, mixed plates.  "All you can eat" spare-ribs and free salad bar. All this can be drowned in a wide selection of wines and whiskeys. Looking forward to "meat" you. 

You can find The Steakhouse on the stairs of Calle Tarija on the left side. Calle Tarija is a side street of Calle Murillo and Calle Linares in the center of La Paz.

Our address is Calle Tarija 243 B, 4 Corners area, La Paz, Bolivia

What else do we do?

If you want to order for take away or delivery we will recommend you to go to services. Over here you can find our take away or delivery  menu.

For reservations you can call to the following number +591-2-2310750 for guides of tour groups we have specially fares, ask our manager.

When you want a give BBQ party at home just ask us and we will arrange it. Go to catering if want to know more about the posibilties.