Friends of us

Some links of friends of the 4 Corners

The direct sites of our partners Sol y Luna (www.solyluna-lapaz.com), South America climbing (www.climbingsouthamerica.com) and Andean Epics (www.andeanepics.com)

One of our main partners in La Paz, Santa Cruz and Tarija is The Dubliner, visit their Website (www.dubliner.com.bo)

"The" places to stay in La Paz

Loki    Wildrover

(www.lokihostel.com) , (www.wildroverhostel.com) and (www.theadventurebrewhostel.com)







For some spectacular downhill biking around La Paz (www.gravitybolivia.com) "Going down's never been better"!








Joy ride (www.joyridebol.com) the place to go to in Sucre.

Ted's cerveceria (www.tedscerveceria.com) for the great beers Chala and Ambar.

EnBolivia.com srl. (www.enbolivia.com) the ones who made this excellent website.

Travel agency Bolivia specialist (www.boliviaspecialist.com) our good friend "El Dirko" from Sucre, who has always got the most recent travel information about any place in Bolivia.

Travel agency Ben Verhoef Tours (www.benverhoeftours.com) in Saimapata.

Finca La Vispera (www.lavispera.org) A relaxing place with lovely and healthy food in Saimapata.

Volonteers and internship organisation (www.connectiebolivia.nl), if you´re interested in working for a while in volonteer projects around La Paz.

If you want to learn English, Dutch or Spanish for travelers go to ( www.languagecourses.weebly.com)

When you are going to Coroico than you can stay at ( www.hotelesmeralda.com )

When you are in Cusco or you want to go to Cusco and looking for work as volunteer check out the following page www.volunteering-peru.com