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The 4 Corners is an area in La Paz, Bolivia where you can find restaurants, bars, a discotheque, travel agencies and hostels.

The 4 Corners is an initiative from the owners of the following restaurants, bars, and discotheque: The Steakhouse, La Cueva, Sol Y Luna, Tierra Sana, and Little Italy. They received many complaints from their clients that they didn't have access to a platform with information about Bolivia & La Paz, and that is the reason why this website is created.


On this website you will find useful information about things you can do in La Paz and you will find your answers on questions about safety on the street. Of course you will also find all the needed information about the different restaurants and companies in the 4 Corners area.


The area is called the 4 Corners because all the restaurants, bars, travel agencies, and discotheque are concentrated at the corners of the following streets: Calle Murillo, Calle Cochabamba and Calle Tarija.


The 4 Corners area is always developing, which means that new services will be available in the near future.


If you want some more information contact us.