Mission statement

The mission statement of the 4 Corners area is based on three important questions: 

- Why do we exist?

- Which are our core values?

- What is our ambition?


Why do we exist?

For the tourist and local people, we want to offer a wide range of services:

- Serving national and international meals and beverages

- Offer entertainment in restaurants, bars, and discotheque

- Provide possibilities for overnight stay

- Offer travel services


Our business-2-business existence is being the supply organisation for bars, restaurants, and hostals (associated and non-associated)


Which are our core values?

Quality - We put our utmost effort in maintaining our reputation of having our customers enjoy their meals, beverages, overnight stay, and travel services in the best possible way

Variety - We want our customer to be exposed to a wide range of services in a great variety of atmospheres

Social Responsibility - We believe it is our obligation to share our resources with the society to improve quality of life


What is our ambition?

The 4 corners area should be the established area in La Paz for the tourist and local people for food, entertainment, overnight stay, and travel services.