Strategic objective of the 4 corners


How do we give meaning to our core values?


- Quality

- Variety

- Social responsibility


Strategic objective of the 4 corners

4 corners should be the established area in La Paz for the tourist and local people for food, entertainment, overnight stay, and travel services


How do we give meaning to our core value Quality ?

Outward focus

All our services are rendered with high notion to quality to serve our customers in the best possible way (high quality of food and beverages, hygiene, concentration of services for easy access, etc.)


Inward focus

In order to maintain quality and control over the operational business, many activities are organized centrally


How do we give meaning to our core value Variety ?

Various services

We offer a great variety of services:

- National and international food and beverages;

- Entertainment;

- Nightlife and dancing scene;

- Overnight stay;

- Travel services


Creative processes

In order to increase variety, innovation and marketing of new services, products, and places are operated centrally, however with local personal influences to create diversity in interior and exterior appearances

How do we give meaning to our core value Social Responsibility ?

Charity and educational support

We organize a yearly charity program with different charity objectives like Corazon Inquieto and Para los Niños; and we help local youth and students by employing them in our kitchens for better integration and offer traineeships


Safety and environmental care

Obviously, we meet safety rules & regulations imposed by the government; additionally, we employ security personnel in the 4 corners area to keep safety and we take our own measures to make sure Calle Tarija has a proper appearance.